April 23 - 30, 2014


January 25, 2015

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Steven Berlin Johnson
Steven Johnson has authored many best-selling books on innovation and where ideas come from. Johnson is hosting and co-creating a PBS series on the history of innovation, scheduled to air in Fall 2014.


Doug Hall
Eureka! Ranch CEO

Professional innovator and best selling author. In 1986 Doug Hall founded the Eureka! Ranch and has helped corporations such as American Express, Nike, P&G and Walt Disney with an 88 percent client repeat rate.


Bryan Sivak
CTO US Department of Health and Human Services

Prior to HHS, Mr. Sivak served as Maryland Chief Innovation Officer. Mr. Sivak has also worked in the private sector, co-founding InQuira, Inc., a multi-national software company, in 2002, and Electric Knowledge LLC, which provided one of the world’s first natural-language search engines available on the web in 1998.
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