April 23 - 30, 2014
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INNOV8 Lafayette is a festival of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, founded and led by volunteers of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. From April 23 to April 30, 2014, INNOV8 showcases thought leaders and content experts through dozens of lectures, workshops and networking events. This all-volunteer project of the Lafayette community rallies the efforts of individuals, businesses, civic groups, non-profits, economic-development agencies, the university, and government. Scheduled to coincide with Festival International de Louisiane, INNOV8 capitalizes and builds on the country’s best world music festival and seeks to add a new layer for visitors and participants.

INNOV8 provides an organizational “umbrella” for the events, conferences, think tanks, workshops, screenings, exhibits, and demonstrations held by various organizers. Programming is diverse by design and changes from year to year, as organizers seek to bring together thought leaders and content experts to share their ideas and experiences. In 2014, in addition to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, program topics range from architecture, healthcare, computer programming, manufacturing, energy, and city planning, to music, culinary arts, fine art, and demonstrations by the steampunk and makers community.

Staged primarily at venues in downtown Lafayette and the nearby University of Louisiana Research Park, events are easy to reach and promise to be filled with participants interested in exploring new ideas and collaborating on opportunities. Funding forums, pitch presentations, and competitions feature talented entrepreneurs and artists and bring them together with representation and start-up capital sourcing.

We encourage Festival visitors to take an extended opportunity to experience the distinct South Louisiana culture and the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Lafayette. And since this is a festival in Acadiana, The Heart of Cajun Culture, you know you’ll eat well, and “pass a good time!”

Contact Information

(337) 408-3653


Steven Berlin Johnson
Steven Johnson has authored many best-selling books on innovation and where ideas come from. Johnson is hosting and co-creating a PBS series on the history of innovation, scheduled to air in Fall 2014.


Doug Hall
Eureka! Ranch CEO

Professional innovator and best selling author. In 1986 Doug Hall founded the Eureka! Ranch and has helped corporations such as American Express, Nike, P&G and Walt Disney with an 88 percent client repeat rate.


Bryan Sivak
CTO US Department of Health and Human Services

Prior to HHS, Mr. Sivak served as Maryland Chief Innovation Officer. Mr. Sivak has also worked in the private sector, co-founding InQuira, Inc., a multi-national software company, in 2002, and Electric Knowledge LLC, which provided one of the world’s first natural-language search engines available on the web in 1998.
CajunCodeFest Guest Speaker


EMAIL OR CALL (337) 408-3653 FOR INFO